BillQuick for Attorneys & Legal Services

Accountants use BillQuick for their Time Tracking, Case Management, and Billing Tasks

Attorneys all over the world use BillQuick to handle their day-to-day time tracking, case management, billing and accounting tasks.

In addition to having industry experts in our product development team, we actively consult with our attorney customers to continuously improve our products and include features that solve your every day pain points.

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Addressing Your Industry-Specific Needs

Because BillQuick is designed to work in Attorney offices, there are significant industry specific features in our products that will help you manage your business processes efficiently. Here are just a few:

Trust Fund and Retainers:

BillQuick allows you to receive and manage client retainers and apply payment to invoices using the available funds in the client account.

Matter Phases:

Large cases are often done in parts. Attorneys might divide a large matter into phases such as Deposition, Discovery, Court Proceedings etc. BillQuick phases give you the power to track and report for each phase of the matter separately as well a consolidated report for all phases for the matter.

Multiple Timers:

BillQuick allows you to run unlimited number of timers and then with a single click, record time to your time card. In addition to the Timers in BillQuick, you can record time via the conventional time sheet screen with power to make a time entry in as little as two key strokes.

Joint Invoice:

Often you will have more than one active matter per client. However the client prefers a single invoice for all his active matters rather than multiple invoices. BillQuick has the ability to create a single consolidated Joint Invoice with details about each matter separated neatly.

Sub Consultants:

Attorneys often require services of other experts and consultants. BillQuick has the ability to track your invoices from your sub-consultants and then bill to the client with agreed markup. BillQuick will also track the consultant's cost to the matter.

Remote Accessibility:

Attorneys are often out of the office and may not be able to get back to their desk in time to do their time card or expense log. BillQuick Web Suite, BillQuick Palm, BillQuick Pocket PC, BillQuick Mobile give you "access anywhere" capability.