IT and Computer Consultants

BillQuick for IT & Computer Consultants

IT and Computer Consultants s all over the world use BillQuick to handle their day-to-day time tracking, project management and billing tasks

IT and Computer Consultants all over the world use BillQuick to handle their day-to-day time tracking, project management, billing and accounting tasks.

In addition to having industry experts in our product development team, we actively consult with our IT and computer consultant customers to continuously improve our products and include features that solve your every day pain points.

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Addressing Your Industry-Specific Needs

Because BillQuick is designed to work in an Computer and IT Consultant's office, there are significant industry specific features in our products that will help you manage your business processes efficiently. Here are just a few:

Project Phases:

Large projects are often done in phases. A Computer Consultant might divide a large project into multiple phases such as Hardware Purchase, Services, Installation etc. BillQuick project phases give you the power to track and report for each phase separately as well a consolidated report for all phases for a project.

Multiple Timers:

BillQuick allows you to run unlimited number of timers and then with a single click, record time to your time card. In addition to the Timers in BillQuick, you can record time via the conventional time sheet screen with power to make a time entry in as little as two key strokes.

Joint Invoice:

Often you will have more than one active project per client. However the client prefers a single invoice for all his active projects rather than multiple invoices. BillQuick has the ability to create a single consolidated Joint Invoice with details about each project separated neatly.

Phased Percent Complete Invoice:

Clients in your industry often require to seeing the percentage completed on each phase, amount previously billed, and amount due this billing (earned value - previously billed).

Budget Comparison:

With BillQuick, you can stay informed how your project is doing a with a click of a button get detailed Budget Comparison Reports where your project budget line items are compared with actual time and expenses recorded against the project.

Sub Consultants:

As a consultant you often require services of other consultants to complete the project. BillQuick has the ability to track your invoices from your sub-consultants and then bill to the client with agreed markup. BillQuick will also track the sub's cost to the project in Budgets and Estimates as well as their progress toward completion.

Project Address:

BillQuick Project has address fields. We are aware that your project address can be different than your client address.

Fee Schedule:

Your rates may vary not only from client to client but also depending on what task you were involved in. To handle this functionality BillQuick offers Fee Schedules that you can create and assign to your client record.

Unlimited Client Contacts:

Many times you have one client with several active projects. BillQuick allows you to link unlimited client contacts per client. Associating that client contact to a project will then allow you to send invoices and statements to the contact.


Need for securing data exists in almost every company, and with BillQuick it is simple and easy. While the principals and managers may need higher level access to BillQuick, a typical employee may need access to time and expense screens only. With easy to apply role based security, you can set users permissions easily and are still able to fine tune without much effort.

Time & Expense Submittal / Approval:

BillQuick has a built-in powerful submittal and approval process. Employees can submit their time and expense data to their supervisors, project managers, client managers or to any other person in the firm. BillQuick also supports a multiple level approval process.

Remote Accessibility:

Computer Consultants are often out of the office and may not be able to get back to their desk in time to do their time card or expense log. BillQuick Web Suite, BillQuick Palm, BillQuick Pocket PC, BillQuick Mobile give you "access anywhere" capability.

Project Management:

BillQuick has powerful project management features. Not only does it keep project managers informed about the time and expenses recorded to their project, it also gives them control as to who is allowed to work on the project. Reports such as Work in Progress, Staff Performance, Budget Comparison, Work In Hand are just a few of the reports designed specifically for project managers in your industry.

Reports, Reports, Reports:

Yes, BillQuick understands how important it is for you to have all kinds of reports to manage business, evaluate staff performance and identify bottle-necks in your business processes. BillQuick ships with over 500 reports and 180 invoice templates. All of them are fully customizable.