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A huge help to our business ArchiOffice
Hudson Design
December, 2016
"We started using ArchiOffice in April of this year. We purchased some training but still had questions along the way, which is typical when using a new program. The customer support has been a lifesaver. The response time is quick, either by email or phone."
ArchiOffice Review ArchiOffice
DCA Landscape Architects, Inc
December, 2016
"This product has overall been sensational. It has improved the efficiency of our office tremendously. The trainers have been patient and very helpful. I did find that the training period was not long enough for me to understand all facets of the program, thus getting the full benefit from using it. There are still aspects of the program that I do not know how to fully utilize."
Customer support is terrific ArchiOffice
Albertsson Hansen Architecture
December, 2016
"I enjoy working with Archi Office. I am able to collaborate with staff on invoicing with ease. I'm able to get all the reports I need. "
BQE Software support ArchiOffice
Burns + Beyerl Architects
December, 2016
"I worked very closely with the representative to solve an issue I was having with ArchiOffice. I was in a bind since AO wasn't able to produce our holiday card list accurately. The representative was very patient and worked with me over many days to solve this issue. He never gave up, despite having a few failed attempts at fixing the problem. He was in contact with me many times to make sure the issue was resolved and after many tries, he got it. I am so thankful for his determination and patience."
This is only my 3rd month using the software ArchiOffice
Langley & Associates
December, 2016
"This is only my 3rd month using the software, so my review is limited by my brief experience. With that said, I have had some challenges, but mostly because there are SO MANY ways to get data from AO, that it's hard to set the right criteria. That's where support from customer service has been a recent lifesaver!!!! Support was GREAT in getting us up and running very quickly, and covering the basics so we had no downtime in our billing, but the representative has been the BEST at helping me get through the day-to-day ""Why isn't this doing what I want it too?!!"" challenges. She is always quick to respond, either by e-mail or by phone/remoting-in often both. As for the actual software, I'm overall, very impressed so far. There are a few things I think could be easier to navigate, a quick link added here or there, but I'm getting used to where to find things. Regarding features and functions, most of what I've asked to get, output-wise, has brought the response, ""That would be a custom report set-up."" That's getting a bit frustrating to hear, but I do think this system will be very helpful - once we get all of our data entered, and we get used to using the system."
AO review ArchiOffice
ZH Architects
November, 2016
"Overall, I am satisfied with AO. There are a couple of things that are a little cumbersome like the AO/QB syncing and customizing reports but overall, AO is easy to use and it gets the job done."
Archioffice - 2016 ArchiOffice
Karen Thomas Associates
November, 2016
"Have been using archioffice fairly frequently for the past five years. I work for two companies - an architecture firm and an owner's representative. The program makes more sense for architecture firm - as it has trouble with the fee structure that we use for the owner's representative. Customer support is great - there are a lot on online tutorials, but we pay for the Gold support package - so we have a dedicated support representative who is familiar with our programming. Since our company is small - I don't have familiarity with the batch invoicing, but on an individual input - it works great. I find it pretty intuitive to pick and start using."
Denise Karp Software Advice ArchiOffice
Raimondo + Associates Architects Inc.
November, 2016
"The software meets our expectations, it has been a great acquisition for our company."
Excellent software and support ArchiOffice
DLW Architects
November, 2016
"We love Archioffice. It is a wonderful tool to help organize our projects and have a database for everything. We are very happy with it and more happy with the support we receive when we have questions."
Awesome staff support! ArchiOffice
ALB Designs
October, 2016
"I've been using ArchiOffice for so many years now, I can't remember when I started! Each year it keeps getting better and easier to use. But the best part is the support! Whenever I have an issue, whether it be large or small, the support staff is ready, willing and able to help quickly, efficiently and professionally. I LOVE working with them (especially Denise!). "
Software Advice ArchiOffice
Sunwise Engineering Ltd.
October, 2016
"Customer service has always been excellent. Replies to queries on made on the same day. This software is easy to use and an excellent product."
Software Use ArchiOffice
Young + Wright Architectural LLC
October, 2016
"We have been using this software for many years now, and i find it very user friendly. We started using it for one company and found it beneficial to add our second architecture firm. I find this software very simple to use to get the information we need while budgeting our projects."
Lifesaver ArchiOffice
Carrell Partners & Yost Architecture
October, 2016
"Archi Office saved my sanity. When I began working at this company, invoicing and timesheets were entered into Excel worksheets. Then the accumulated data was entered into Quick Books. This created a large margin for errors. With our employees entering their time into a record keeping system, it is much easier to see who is spending time on each project. Everything I need for invoicing clients is tied together in Archi Office. Then I sync it with Quick Books. "
ArchiOffice Saves me hundreds of hours ArchiOffice
Zack de Vito Architecture
October, 2016
"ArchiOffice allows me to pull together my invoices and produce them in a timely manner with a very professional look. "
ArchiOffice Customer Service ArchiOffice
Kerman Morris Architects, LLP
October, 2016
"We have been using ArchiOffice for about a decade. The software is quite robust and has a lot of features. We use it primarily to track our time, project profitability, do billing. Technical Service is excellent at ArchiOffice. Denise Karp (with whom I have worked many, many years) and Alan Schlieper are readily available, thorough and patient with our needs. They take the time to show us how to better get the information we want out of the program and trouble shoot things when they go awry. This is essential, because while ArchiOffice is robust, it is also complicated. "
Awesome Program ArchiOffice
Gurri Matute PA
October, 2016
"The program is terrific. Although a bit rough in the beginning, you just have to jump in with both feet and once it clicks, BAM! Super usual for our company to track profitability and budget."
Great ArchiOffice Support ArchiOffice
August, 2016
"ArchiOffice is easy to use and the customer support is very responsive and easy to understand."
BQE Support Service ArchiOffice
Van Atta Associates
August, 2016
"ArchiOffice is an easy way to track time both billable and non-billable and to generate client invoices. In addition, ArchiOffice is able to run specific reports to help track phases and time by individual employees."
Quickbooks Integration Training ArchiOffice
Broadmoor Design Group
July, 2016
"ArchiOffice is the first software we have implemented structured specifically for Architects. Having everything (accounting, RFI's, ASI's, Submittals, etc) in one place is wonderful. I have worked with ArchiOffice's Trainer Pam extensively. She is incredibly knowledgeable, but it is her patience that amazes me!"
ArchiOffice ArchiOffice
Cozzarelli Cirminiello Architects
July, 2016
"It is obvious that the software was created by an architect. The software "gets" us as architects and our unique way of doing business."
I have been working with ArchiOffice since 2007. Long time user. ArchiOffice
Ralph C Fey AIA Architects, PC
July, 2016
"The product, when used efficiently by all staff is very useful for tracking projects, future work, time and keeping contacts and those involved in projects clear cut. - If staff is not using the software as trained it can be a bit of a hassle."
ArchiOffice Review_072516 ArchiOffice
Griskelis Young Harrell
July, 2016
"What I like best is the ability to communicate with the Vendors Technician freely and know if an issue arises that I am having a problem with I can rely on getting great help especially from my go to person Denise Karp."
Archioffice Review as an Architect who does the billings ArchiOffice
July, 2016
"I like the ease of use, i am an architect, not a financial type, i understand this product and am able to use it effectively. It has helped us control our billings and receiveables. I also really like the customer support, Alan Schlieper, is very good at working with me in any issues that come up. I tried to mark a 10 in the ratings below, but the survey would not allow. He is that good!"
Easy to understand if you get the right person helping you. ArchiOffice
Broderick Architects
July, 2016
"I love how I can email support with any questions I have and they will call or email me back with an answer."
ArchiOffice: truly created with architects in mind. ArchiOffice
Vasilion Architects, Inc.
January, 2015
"ArchiOffice was created by architects, for architects. They understand how we manage projects, budget time, and invoice. Their pricing structure is also very affordable now, reflecting the struggles many architectural firms have experienced since the 2008 downturn. Lastly, I love that it interfaces with Quickbooks. "
Good for our small office ArchiOffice
Thomas Howell Architects
November, 2014
"It has an easy layout, but the power to do everything we need."
Using ArchiOffice since February 2013 ArchiOffice
Phillips|Sekanick Architects, inc
September, 2014
"ArchiOffice meets our needs for internal project tracking and helps us to capture as many reimbursable expenses as possible. I typically deal with the same tech support people, which is nice. They know my history, so I don't have to repeat my story with each phone call."
Straightforward and very user-friendly ArchiOffice
MW Steele Group
September, 2014
"The product is intuitive and seamless. As a beginner, I can hop on and figure out how to use its various components rather easily. The layout of the various pages are clean and simple, and interfacing with the other users within the organization through the platform is really efficient."
Very Helpful! ArchiOffice
Mills Group
August, 2014
"We have been using ArchiOffice for over four years, and we appreciate how the program gets better each year. The customer support has always been helpful, and the recent training we received provided additional tips to optimize the program for our use. This program allows everyone in our office to be accountable with their time and track project budgets with ease. "
Have used ArchiOffice since 2006 ArchiOffice
Environ Architecture, Inc.
August, 2014
"ArchiOffice is designed specifically for architects, and it works the way we work. Service is superb. Tech support answers questions almost immediately, and the product keeps getting better."
Review from Hawaii ArchiOffice
Philip White Architects, LLC
July, 2014
"At the beginning of this year, our firm switched from an accountant-based program to ArchiOffice. We are still learning the many facets of ArchiOffice, but we are very pleased initially with its invoicing, budgeting, and performance tracking capabilities. We find the help section for each screen, the frequent webinars, and the telephone, e-mail, and remote support to be outstanding. The technical support staff at BQE is fast to diagnose any difficulties and have patience, expertise, and a sense of humor. We are delighted to provide a positive testimonial for ArchiOffice."
What once was great, now is junk ArchiOffice
Coy + Yiontis Architects
May, 2014
"We started using Archioffice in 2007 in the V8 days. It was a godsend. Despite some minor glitches (it never worked with Quickbooks), the ease of use, the ability for non-computer technical staff to customize templates, and the online user guide and videos (free and easy staff training) made it perfect for a small design office. We soon transitioned all our office management and project paperwork to the system. Support was great (despite the time difference; we are in Australia). They knew their product and got us back on track with minimal stress. It was a solid product, reasonably priced, well supported, and easy to use and customiae."
Nice for visualizing projects, but customer service has been a nightmare ArchiOffice
April, 2014
"The software easily allows you to visualize timelines and track budgets."